Smoking Management System

Learning how to stop smoking is like learning to walk. Every failure is an essential step toward success.

Learning to walk is a one step at a time journey. The AMS System is a one day at a time failure-free journey that results in the freedom of former smoker status.

Stopping Smoking Isn’t Easy...

It’s easier with AMS Smoking Control Training!

Like toddlers learn to walk one step at a time, learning to control smoking is a one-day-at-a-time journey.

The first step in the journey to control smoking is to learn how to stop “power smoking”. Smokers are eager to initiate this first step because it is easy. Also, because it’s necessary toward earning their goal of former smoker status and, because they will spend 50% less on cigarettes.

More than 100,000 smokers employed at over 4,000 work sites have chosen to engage in AMS’ failure-free Smoking Control/Cessation Training. Yours will too.


Did You Know?

The extra annual smoking costs exceed $4.2 million every year for a Canadian employer with 5,000 employees and 1,000 smokers. In the U.S., the extra costs are $5.8 million.

According to the Conference Board of Canada, the extra cost to employ a smoker is more than $4,200 every year.

According to a recent study from Ohio State University, in the U.S. the extra annual cost is $5800.

These extra costs are impossible to reduce when less than 5% of smokers agree to participate in fully-funded quit or fail (to quit) cessation programs.

Why Choose AMS?

Third-party cessation experts have conducted comparative evaluations of the content of all leading cessation programs. The content of AMS’ Smoking Control/Cessation Program has outscored all others on every occasion and in every measurable category.

At 4,000 worksites including GM, Sony, Yamaha and numerous other Fortune 500 companies; over 98% of smokers “chose” to request and use the AMS failure-free behavior modification program to re-start the quitting process.

In 2005, an Ontario Ministry of Health study of the AMS System, conducted by Aon Consulting resulted in 23% fewer smokers at 12 months. Among those who didn’t quit the first year there were 18% fewer absent days because they learned to control when they smoke. Smokers’ in control are more productive. They don’t require or take extra outside smoke-breaks that cumulatively amount to 3 weeks* per year.
*”Smoking and the Bottom Line”-a 2013 Conference Board report.

Smokers are desperate to quit & know they need help

They spend more than $1 billion every year for Rx drugs, NRT’s and sundry other quit aids.

The AMS System reduces workplace smoking costs and improves employee productivity; the result, a 10 times return on the one-time investment every year.


One Time Investment

ROI 10X Every Year

Client Testimonials


Yamaha identified with the program because it provided options for our smoking employees. They could either control their smoking or quit. Either way, we weren't making a program available to our emplyees that would create a sense of failure.

Ms. Sandra England
HR Manager @ Yamaha Motors


We felt that AMS had developed a great, habit management program that would improve the wellness of employees and create a safer working environment.

Mr. Terry Cook
Corporate Planning Manager @ Sony


We, here at GM, felt that AMS had a unique offering and the method to control smoking and ultimately smoke far less comfortably.

Dr. Arnold Jones M.D.
Chief Medical Officer @ General Motors

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